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Improve Your Teams Efficiency

Businesses have an increasing reliance on their computer infrastructure to run the day to day tasks. With this in mind, if you can improve the speed of your computer systems you can increase the efficiency of your team. We often have business owners ask the question “what are some cost effective upgrades that can improve my teams efficiency?”

Improve Your Teams Efficiency

Here are our tips to increase your teams efficiency

Network Infrastructure

In a business network we are often accessing files on servers, running programs over a network, sharing and printing files. All this activity has to go over the network. Over the past 5-10years the price of network switches and cards has dropped sufficiently and speeds have increased. Upgrading your network infrastructure can often be a cheap, quick upgrade that can improve speeds by 10 times or more.

Cloud Based Services

In some cases it may be a good move to host your resource heavy services in the cloud. For example, Microsoft Exchange is an email hosting application often hosted on site. This software is extremely resource hungry. You can move things like this to be hosted in the cloud by providers like Google, taking all the pressure off your servers.


This is another quick and simple hardware upgrade. Just about every month there is new updates and service packs for this program or that one and the hardware requirements of the software is constantly increasing. Often upgrading the amount of memory in a machine can be a cheap part with a noticeable impact on machine performance.

Solid State Drives

The huge increases in CPU and memory speeds over the last 10 years often the bottle neck in a system if the hard drive where all your data is stored. Solid State Drives are the new era of storage with much faster read and write speeds. This is a harder upgrade as you need to copy the existing hard drive to the new one but still very achievable. This can be the difference between a program taking 20-30 seconds to load to now only taking 2 seconds even on a high end machine, great upgrade particularly for staff constantly working with high end graphic design, video production or architecture software for example.

PC Upgrade

This is one of the more costly upgrades. However, if you have a staff member operating on a 5+ year old machine and every task they do is taking 1 to 5 minutes more than it should just because they are waiting for the computer then a PC upgrade will actually save you money.

Keep Machines Clean

Have someone come in every once and a while and clean out the machines, remove any virus’s or malware, remove unnecessary programs and temp files. It’s also important that once a year you have someone come through, open up all the machines and remove dust and just give them a good physical clean as well. This can help improve longevity of your devices as well as improve performance as the machine will be more ventilated and not run as hot.

Remote Support Available

Lets face it, every now and then there will be a problem. If you have a bigger IT network, the more frequent these problems will occur. Having a IT team that is familiar with your IT infrastructure that has the ability to remote in to any of your machines and fix problems over the internet can be a huge time saver. This means instead of having to wait for the IT tech to be available and drive out to your premise, they can often just quickly jump into the machine and fix the problem in a few minutes rather than your staff member having hours of downtime. This also has the added benefit of your IT team being able to do maintenance and repair jobs outside of hours, you just leave the computers on, go home for the day and in the morning come back in and any problems you had were fixed through the night by your remote support team.


Backups may not seem like they are related to efficiency but when you have a server or a machine go down and all of a sudden your whole team has no access to the data required to do there job, you’ll then see how important backups can be for team efficiency. Always ensure you have a backup system in place and that someone is regularly confirming that the backups are actually working rather than just rotating drives each day and presuming everything is working.

Automated Systems

A lot of the tasks we do each day are simple enough to be automated through various tactics. Automating these tasks doesn’t only mean you and your staff don’t need to do it but it also ensures that it always gets done and your business can be working for you 24×7 rather than you always working for your business.

The above strategies mentioned help you speed up your computer systems ultimately allowing your team to get more work done, work on multiple things at once and spend less time waiting. For help getting any of these systems in place don’t hesitate to contact us.

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